Hallo zusammen!

Willkommen! Today I decided to separate my Deutsch education posts into this new blog. I got a bit frustrated trying not to spam my friends and fans elsewhere in the internet while I’m increasing my language lessons. You see, I took a trip to Germany last month, and realized what a terrible beginner I am with my Deutsch. So I made a pledge to become conversational by this time next year. To accomplish that, it means: for the next few months my lessons must be “turned up to 11.”

I figure the only way to safely increase my practice is by doing so in a designated place – one where the exposure is limited only to those willing or interested in Sprachtandem. Then at least I know that any torture resulting from reading my copious posts is self inflicted.

A secondary motivation for making the new blog was the comments I’ve received from native speakers – many expressing interest in refining their Englisch skills. I see it as a very fair and balanced arrangement, and I’m happy to oblige! The more Englisch I write, the more exposure they have to “conversational” writing from a native Englisch speaker. I’ve noticed that when native speakers write Englisch, I find their “mistakes” to be very helpful to my Deutsch… it allows me to see how their mind puts the sentences together and I can better emulate it. I hope my terrible Deutsch grammar provides the same benefit, demonstrating how Englisch speakers build their sentence structure!

Englisch speakers looking to learn a new language (German or otherwise) may also find this blog helpful. I tend to approach languages not from a mechanical standpoint, but from a philosophical “touchy-feely” one. You may find practice tips or ways to think about learning a language that could help your studies of any language. Sometimes, you might even learn a thing or two about your own language that you didn’t know.

Credentials & Caveats

So if you are not yet bored to tears, I will add some more caveats about how this blog works:

#1 – All Work & No Play Makes Merlask A Dull Dull Girl

If you are looking for my work blog, you need to take a detour this way. You will not find DDO related blog posts here in DMB other than by accident. I will not answer DDO related questions or comments in this blog other than “what is DDO, how do I start playing, is it free, is it available in German?” (The answers to which are: an MMORPG, Go to DDO.com, yes it’s free to download and no monthly sub, and yes it has german localization and a german server). If you’re looking for game development anecdotes, again you need to go this way instead.

#2 – Geek Alert

That being said, I forewarn you that not only am I very geeky, I’m very language geeky. So not only will you be exposed to many geek related things like video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and who knows what else… you’ll also be “up to your eyes” in hardcore language analysis and discussion. Etymology, history, poetic usage, colloquialisms, and more. If you’re the type of person who fell asleep during such lessons in school there’s not much I can do to protect you from it – other than I will try to make it interesting and humorous whenever possible.

#3 – I’m No Professor

I have a great passion and love for language, and all that relates to it. The way words change over time…. The way certain sounds have the same meaning across cultures (and which ones don’t). The way a language will tell you more about a culture than any artifacts you could discover. The way you can build (or destroy) an audience with simple word placement. However…  I am not an educator, nor do I pretend to be anything more than a hobbyist of a linguist. You should read everything written here “with a grain of salt”.

So… if you’re still with me after all that… let’s get started! Bis Bald!


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