About DMB

Hallo & Hello!

  • If you’re studying Englisch as a second language…
  • If you’re studying Deutsch as a second language…
  • If you find it entertaining and educational to read about the trials and tribulations of language learners…
  • If you’re a language geek…
  • If you find Denglisch to be hilarious…

Then this is the blog for you.

Some posts will be in Deutsch. Some will be in Englisch. Regardless of this, you are always welcome to post comments in the language of your choice – don’t be shy or afraid, your writing can’t be worse than mine. We will improve our skills together! Herzlich Willkommen!

Post Script: Oh yes, I’m quite aware that the acronym “DMB” (Denglisch Me, Baby) has the hilarious secondary quality of sounding like the Englisch word “dumb”… so when you speak about the site as being “that DMB blog,” I take it as a compliment.


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